Providing community health and support for addiction residents of the Greater India.

3 Neurotic Addiction Psychosis Hospice is a 50-bed, non-profit hospital serving in south India, and Madurai, Tamilnadu, as well as all over South Asian countries.

Founded in 2009 by residents of the Madurai De-addiction communities, as PEACE now has a rich history of community partnership with 3 NAP Hospice and most of the De- addiction units in the city with a deep commitment to the health and wellbeing of the residents it serves.

3 NAP Hospice is a hospice as nationally recognized physicians, state-of-the-Tamilnadu and a full range of medical and emergency services, including a Level III trauma center. Additionally, patients and families benefit from an extensive program of social services and support groups that provide mental, emotional and spiritual support.

Our Task

All services at 3 Hospice are provided with an eye toward excellence and individual attention. This is best expressed in 3 Neurotic Addiction Psychosis Hospice’s task assignment:

Reform is our Passion. Perform is our Focus. Transform is our Way.

Our Exposure

From the simplest service to the most complex, 3 Neurotic Addiction Psychosis Hospice is driven by a commitment to excellence and guided by its revelation assertion:

The apparition of 3 Neurotic Addiction Psychosis Hospice is to be the leading health care system based in and serving the addiction communities in Tamilnadu of India.